domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012


It has been far too long, so much has happened so i think ill start sorry to all those that do actually read my stories.

Last I left off it was just before the holiday, September 18, which is like the fourth of July back home, but goes on for a whole week. I went with Rafi to Valparaiso for the first weekend where we partied at a punk club, where I met an awesome biker gang. Ate at a great place called El Pinton, it was like a rock grunge style restaurant, that had great artisanal beer and I got chorrillana. Chorrillana is fried potatoes with a type of sour krout, beef, and onions on top with a delicious sweet sauce underneath. Also the graffiti in Valpo was great, amazing detail and often actual art on the street. After Selena and Lena meet us for a day then we traveled to La Serena, a city to the north with amazing beaches and La Pampapilla although the Pampapilla is in the neighboring city Coquimbo. We got lucky and stayed with a family and I made two great friends, Miguel and Rodrigo, who were kind enough to let us stay with them and Tati, their grandmother for nearly a week for free. I went to an asado with them to their families farm ate what was a lamb over a fire for a few hours, which was amazing. Just check the pic of Rodrigo and me. The Pampapilla is a festival that goes on for an entire week and is known as the biggest in all of Chile for the Celebration of deciocho. It cost less than $2 to enter and there are concerts, venders of every sort, carnival rides, food, booze, dancing, and camping on the hill for those that do not wish to leave. Then also in Coquimbo is the largest cross in all of South America, and I mean huge. So big that you take an elevator to the arms of the cross and can walk across and see all of La Serena and Coquimbo. We thanked our great host and left for home a day before school would start back up to make sure we could recharge our batteries before the work begins. The results from my certamins were great passed them all easily, what can I say I’m the juice, and studying was back to usual. But I’m not on here to bore you with school so the next trip Selena, Lena, Rafi, and myself embarked on was to Mendoza, Argentina, a 5 hour bus ride through the Andes to a town not far inside Argentina. Compared to Santiago it was very small and life was slow and easy. I enjoyed the lifestyle, shops open later close earlier, and going out was seen as a common event that was partaken by all. Also the beef of Argentina was great along with a decent domestic flavor of Argentina whisky and wine. But my favorite part was, yes more food, the tenador libre (free fork) which was a buffet of many different meats being cooked right there with so many different sides and deserts. Just like a little piece of heaven, with a bottle of wine of course.  And one more piece of advice about Argentina, they have a liquor called fernet, which I have had one time before with my friend Pete in Long Beach, and decided to try in Argentina thinking that here it would be better. It was not it taste like shoe polish smells avoid at all cost.
There was also a trip to a pueblito called Algarrobo, which is just south of Valpo. I stayed with some Chilean friends in cabin on the beach; we made an asado, went to a carrete on the beach in the middle of the night (just amazing), went to the Pulparty (poolparty that’s just how they spelled it) in Vina de Mar, and spent hours on the beautiful beach (pic on display of the beach). The natural beauty I can highly recommend to any that have a chance.
Lastly Halloween, which is a relatively new holiday here in Chile, they celebrate dia de los muertos (day of the dead) instead. But unlike the US dia de los muertos is a national holiday so the day after Halloween everyone has off, which is an amazing idea by the way we need to adopt this back home. But my friends and I went to a underground type club, which was in a gymnasium by the way, and danced drank and were marry. It was the after party that involved craziness, a shirt being turned into multiple head bands, a broken sink, and no sleep. On the sink note I want to say thank you to the most great family that I live with for being the marvelous people who they are J.  Want to see more facebook me otherwise, Good times until next time.

And this lesion of is: any chance that swings your way take it, you just never know where it's leading you.

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

# 10 15/09/2012

Well been a week or so, had some troubles with gmail got locked out and had to go through hoops to get back but made it work. This past week has been fun, but full of midterms. So any one who thought that I’m not studying enough BOOM I make it happen. Felt good about them but I’ll find out after this week what I got. But more on the now, this week is Fiesta Patrias, here in Chile, which means the whole country parties and celebrates the independence of Chile.  There will be many Fondas, which are like fairs/carnivals, which have tons of food, dancing, music, games, and just all the good things that Chileans celebrate about their heritage.  I will be heading to Valpariso, city on the coast, with some friends then heading up north to Colqimbo, which is another city on the coast, but known for its great celebrations during the week of deciocho (18). Hoping to get some surf in if possible, and then if time allows in the week I would like to head south of Santiago to Donihue, a small city known for its rich heritage.  There hopefully I’ll be able to go to a rodeo and pick up a manta. The manta is similar to the pancho, but smaller and worn by huasos, Chilean cowboys, during rodeos and folk dances. Donihue is a town known for having excellent quality and make them by hand.  There will be lots of pictures after and hopefully great stories to go with them. Also enjoy the video I took of a little local fonda :)

Lesson: not always ok to refer to self as an American, because people from South America may take offense. Why uhhh, well they are Americans too, and they are, but they don’t quite get that’s its just easier for people from USA to say “American,” instead of “citizen from the United States of America.” 

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012


There is one thing I hate doing every week. Can you guess what it is? Not sure? It's going to the damn super market, the one place I should love the most. It has every thing I love from beer to meat and all the dairy products in between.  But every time I go there is the moment I dread, and its at the check out line.  When its finally my turn go get rang up every single week the cashier asks me some new question plus the ones from last week, which should not be a problem, but damn it I can never understand what the hell they are saying. I mean I speak English and Spanish, hell one I have been doing my whole life and the other I have 4 years of proficiency in; check the grades. They talk too fast in another language called Chilean. It is a mix of Spanish, German, and Italian I think because it make no fucking sense I can only get about two words out of the whole phrase.  Then I say "no entiendo(I don't understand)" so they repeat it again, and again I say I don't get it.  Till eventually I shake my head and look them in the eyes and say (in English) " I don't know what you want??" You would think that after they see my face the first time they ask the question and I got the look of "dumb gringo" painted on they would let go. Fine give my change to the poor or buy a pack of smokes for youself, I mean just let me buy my beer, hot dogs, and cheese and get out, Jesus Christmas! What happened to "Hello. How is you day? Do you have a Ralph's card?" end......

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

#9 1/9/12

Another week gone by and what an adventure.  This week school was fun, I have midterms in two weeks so I gotta prepare.  Also did a presentation for organizational development, had to make a proposal and pitch it.  Yea I nailed, with the help of Rafi.  Most of the complements though were on how awesome my voice sounded, very deep and business like.  Went out Wednesday to a friends party had a great time meeting new people, but its very unique to go to parties and be the only "American." Also ate some great new food call befe por la pobre (meat for the poor), basically its fries covered in grilled onions, two fried eggs, and a skirt stake.  For my hang over it was magical all the greasy goodness. But the highlight of this week was snowboarding in the Andes.  Yes cross that off the bucket list BOOM! Great conditions it snowed a lot last week so lots of great powder.  Plus the price was amazing for $60 I got the bus ride there, the rentals, lift ticket, and lunch.  Posted lots of pics on facebook also.  And no Monday, labor day, is not a holiday here.  But the 18th is their independence day and I get a whole week off of school, think I wanna hit the beach.  It has been warming up here, the weather has gotten much better lots of sun now.
Lesson: Wear sunscreen that hole in the ozone is no joke, I look like a mix between a tomato and a raccoon from yesterday.
And football season is here!!! GO RAIDERS!!! 

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

#8 24/8/2012
End of the second week of classes and there have been schedule changes.  My last two Friday classes were dropped because of low enrollment so I had to change them.  I enrolled in history of Latin American art, very snazzy, and then there is Organizational Development.  The latter deals with how to handle a business in times of adjustment, or if the case, in times when a steady need to stay the course is needed.  I feel it could be helpful in the future for any work that i would be looking for in any nonprofit or other business sectors that work with crossing boarders.  The business and rapid changing economic environment due to communication could make a course like then an asset. So no more Friday class just more time to enjoy the beautiful world that is Santiago Chile.  This week I received my finical aid, thank Jebus, so I used it to pay rent hahaha.  the only real eventful item was another friends birthday (happy b day Selina) so we got together with the people drank pisco danced, when thriller and Elvis came on that radio I tore shit up, but ended when some dude brought out a guitar and stared playing.....  yeah there was one of those guys.  and the great thing about class today is i learned a awesome Chilean folk song that will no doubly be sung on their day of independence (September 18th).  I have attached a link that a youtube clip at the top to check out its called si vas para Chile (if you go to Chile).  Cool song I dig it. Tonight was also great went salsa dancing, well took lessons, and it was awesome. Think Ill go for a few weeks get damn good at the hip motion, plus it looks cool.  After just went to have a few beers with Raf, hit a cool bar that plays live music. Band was solid Spanish rock, danced at some gathering of students outside an university with some guys just jamming on the drums. There was like 200 people there just dancing some wasted Chilean dude grabbed me and stated doing some jig hahaha. Also other big news got a water heater, ooo how I missed warm showers.  New food well nothing too interesting this week.  Some empanadas which were great, had beef egg and olive inside.  But all in all great week and comments or concerns please leave a message.
Things to know: we are not in America any more you will lose wight I have been here a month and lost 15 pounds, I;m withering away. And why you ask? No finical aid made it so I could not buy beer I blame the terrible finical crisis for my misfortunes, so love you hamburgers and ice cold ones; its miller time

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

#7 17/8/2012

Well the first week of full classes has come to an end. My schedule is free Monday, dropped my script writing class. Tuesday and Thursday is Globalization and its Impact, a fun course that explores the concepts and will also have us creating an assembly meeting for issues and situating a international type of caucus.  After that we will be my Spanish Language and Cultural class, got a great teacher who is bar far one of the most helpful teachers in Spanish I have ever had.  He is great at teaching the formal use, but knows that there is slang out there and always welcomes all questions and give great explanation with the of the use street talk. Friday (yes I have 2 Friday classes) starts with contemporary history of Chile class which I find absolutely fascinating, how the country has gone through its difficulties which I have already learned a few and taken in a lot of information about its cultural background as well.  Side note though it seems that my professor came from a very well off family, backing up to several generations, so his views may be different on some subjects dealing with the history of poverty and what it may have truly been like for those who suffered. Then finally its my international organization class where we discuss issues relating to IO, NGO, etc.
Classes over all are very interesting and I am enthused.  Other news is my roommate is moving out, bummer, his name is Felipe he's cool peoples graduated from engineering at a local university and just lives a chill life.  Hes leaving to go backpacking in the Southern part of Chile. The area is known for its beautiful mountains and Forrest that have been well persevered since the era of the dinosaurs.  There is some huge specie of tree that has been around since the era of the great lizards.  Cool shit for him so tonight we celebrate him leaving, also the father of the family that I am renting from is having his birthday tomorrow so another reason to party tonight hahaha.Good news I'll get my finical aid in a week.  Bad news Ill get my financial aid in a week, so as a note to any future students thinking about going here or reading this as you have already applied to school here, it starts 3 weeks early before you get aid. YOU WILL BE BROKE!! I put an add on craigslist to try and tutor English.  Finally, I knew my natural skill as an American would come in handy as we speak the language everyone else wants to know. Regular price is usually 5,000 pesos a hour ($10) if I get a gig.
Also this week was my friend Lisa's birthday (Happy Birthday Lisa) so Raphael and I cooked them some good ol American cheeseburgers and fried up some papas. Thats potatoes for all my none speaking Spanish readers.  But the meat was a odd quality so I will not be using the "jumbo" brand patties anymore.  Then there was lots of wine to close out the night.  Tuesday was also an interesting night, rolled with my five German chick posse ( we roll deep) and went to a Chilean house party.  Lots of good people, tons of pisco, managed to drink some whiskey too, and it was a sweet ass house. It was huge 2 stories place based in Los Condes (with the ricos), phat pool in the back, and HALF A SMALL SOCCER FIELD!
 Got a few photos to add up but that pretty much the wrap of it. It rained almost the whole week but tomorrow is gonna be a nice day, I might even get to wear shorts :). Also ate at Papa Johns and they had no lil packets of Parmesan or red pepper. OUTRAGIOUS!!! They saved it by offering extra garlic dip and pepperchinies

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

#6 11/8/2012

OK I'll keep it short and sweet.  Moved into my new place today address is: brown norte 1328, providencia , chile.  That's for all my stalkers out there, you know who you are ;). Other then that I need to thank my two awesome friends I have made here, Raphael and Lisa, who helped my get all my crap here much better then the last move.  As a promise I said I would cook some time this week for them so its tacos and homemade guac. Ima show them whats up with the LA/Mex. food style.  Also today the family that is renting to me invited me for dinner which was AMAZING!!!  It was pollo dulce (sweet chicken), mashed potatoes (not American style though more simpler), and sweet yams fine cut.  Then dessert was an oat fruit mix followed by a custard pie with raspberries on top. Yea all that goodness happened it was great.  There's a pic of the room bigger then it looks. Goodnight all I will keep you posted. wait roommate just got we drink vodka :)